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Memory Explorations

By intentional arrangement and radical transformation through refiring of commercially made ceramic dinnerware, I am investigating relationships through visual metaphors, evoking emotional memory, and looking at social interactions between objects and people. The arrangement of vessels and plates are emblematically speaking to different personalities and dynamics of family relationships through their precarious nature and sense of failure. I have chosen ceramic dishware for its specific material qualities and its direct correlation to family life within a domestic setting. These objects have been discarded from a domestic interior and are ‘rejects’ from their previous owner’s past, but their ordinariness and banality enhance their familiarity enabling one’s ability to construct a memory. Alon Confino, a cultural historian, writes, “memory is everywhere: we reconstruct a sense of the past from the most trivial, every-day life object.” By over firing the ceramic dishware, the objects go through an irreversible transformation leaving each object formally warped, distorted, and in a state of dysfunction that is a metaphor for human interaction and relationships.

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